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Management Services

So What can Prairie Management do for you?

Whether your goal is to maximum your project’s revenues, improve current occupancy levels or preserve and improve your property’s total value, Prairie Management can help.  The daily management of urban real estate requires both constant attention to detail and continuous oversight.  We maximize the gross rent potential of our developments by closely following market rent trends and improving our properties (within budgets constraints) to capitalize on those rent trends.  We are vigilant in controlling maintenance and operating costs while striving to minimize deferred maintenance.  We also strive to produce, the most accurate and timely accounting and financial reporting possible.  In short, we manage the real estate assets of our clients as if they were our own.  We try to eliminate the daily operating concerns and responsibilities of real estate ownership for ourselves and our clients, so that we might maximize the future value of these important property assets.

Prairie Management Services include:

Accounting review and analysis of income and expenses

Customized accounting and financial reporting systems

Asset assessments and evaluations

Market analysis of relevant comparables

Evaluation of existing physical plant

Preventive maintenance scheduling:
performance and tracking

Developing strategies geared toward
deficiency remediation

Leasing, marketing and advertising strategies

Value added strategies for asset redevelopment